Bad Vibes

Concerts are around 98 dB - 110 dB, over 85 dB causes hearing damage.


Vibes provides approximately 22 dB reduction across frequencies (15 NRR)

Open Ear

When experiencing live entertainment, you are in environments for extended periods of time that produce well over the recommended decibel levels for safe listening.  With no ear protection, you leave yourself susceptible to the short and long-term effects of damaging sound. “Ear-ringing”, a common symptom of prolonged and intense volume, is the first sign of hearing damage.


If you’ve ever used foam ear plugs, you know how they can drastically alter your experience. Next to being uncomfortable and non-discreet, foam ear plugs were not designed for sound quality in mind. In fact, they were designed to deaden all sound. Since they don’t create an equal distribution of sound frequencies (treble to bass) you hear an unnatural, muffled sound that takes away from hearing your favorite band the way they intended.

CUSTOM EAR PLUGSCustom ear plugs can run over $200+ and require an appointment and fitting with an audiologist. The relative cost/benefit for the casual concertgoer doesn’t make this a realistic option. Save your pennies and spend them on your next live event.


The high decibel levels cause physical damage to your ear drums

– and too much exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss.