"Human Female" by BLOODBOY

Taking life in your own direction
Following in the footsteps of those that came before you is natural for many people. For others, not so much. For these people, taking the conventional route in life is simply not an option they can stomach. But at the same time, finding your own route is difficult, confusing, and terrifying. In her debut single "Human Female," Lexie Papilion, now known to the music world as Bloodboy, confronts this "pick your poison" scenario with admirable skill and swagger. Papilion's silky smooth, low voice (that can also hit impressive high notes), along with her darker lyrical content and stoic confidence almost forces listeners to draw comparisons to Lana Del Rey, who paved the way for this kind of edgy, unconventional pop music.
The Southern California native has struggled throughout her life with being caught between not wanting to follow the norm, but not knowing what alternative path to choose, which, despite the unfortunate nature of her struggles, makes "Human Female" that much more powerful. The authenticity and honesty is palpable in Papilion's songwriting and voice; the passion in her voice makes it obvious that she has been through these struggles and truly empathizes with those who are going through the same issues. Papilion's vocals are so full-bodied and carry so much of the melody that it seems that the instruments featured in "Human Female" are almost just a formality and are there mainly to keep time, but fit well with the tone and style of the track. After receiving a massive amount of coverage for this song, we can expect to see more work from Bloodboy in the near future. It appears that despite her worries, she chose the right path.