"Spyglass" by O'FLYNN

Laid back house music
House music can be a tricky genre of music to get into. It’s great when you’re feeling energetic, when you’re out at night, and even when you’re exercising, but during other music-listening occasions, like walking to work or just hanging out at home, it can seem a little bit in your face and over the top. With his new track “Spyglass,” UK artist O’Flynn repudiates the idea that house music has to be loud, fast-paced, and generally annoying when you’re just trying to chill. While “Spylgass” includes the obligatory sustained percussion beats throughout, this track adds more than a pinch of jazz to its house foundations. Along with felicitously calm saxophone solos, subtle string plucks, and electronic clave-like clicks, O’Flynn adds Rhodes piano patterns that are so arrhythmic that they feel improvised and you don’t even realize they are being looped.
Like most house artists, O’Flynn incorporates vocal samples in “Spyglass,” but staying true to the laid back nature of the track, they are just tranquil bits of conversation and simple utterances, rather than samples of an unknown female singer screaming about love and/or partying. This unique piece of art is perfect for lounging, drinking coffee while following the rain drops racing down your windows, or watching the sunset on a mountain top. “Spyglass” is a truly delightful creation, with just enough intricacy to hold your attention, but enough simplicity to allow you to get lost in blissful blankness.