Better with Vibes: Alie D.

Better With Vibes: Alie D.
We're often told that Vibes change the game for people. Whether they're being used for live music, fitness classes, work, or just to make the day-to-day more comfortable, our hi-fidelity earplugs serve folks of all walks of life, wherever their day takes them. Improving lives is pretty powerful, which is why we decided to start sharing these stories with you. Together, let's learn about how life is #BetterWithVibes.

Meet Alie.
Alie shows off her new favorite accessory

Alie shows off her new favorite accessory

“I work in the Miami nightlife industry, in VIP Bottle Service. Miami is known for its party scene, but what many people forget is how much damage you can do to your ears by going out or working in those kinds of environments. 
Every single night after work my ears would ring, even when I wore foam ear plugs. The foam plugs are so wasteful, and I do my best to be eco friendly, but at the same time I didn’t want to purchase expensive custom plugs that blocked all the sound either. 
I needed something that protected my ears as well as allowed me to hear what my guests were saying to me. And of course I wanted to enjoy the great artists we had performing each weekend. 
I learned about Vibes and decided to try them out. The price point was perfect, they’re reusable, and the different size ear pieces each comes with was a game changer. 
I always have trouble with most reusable ear plugs because they’re often too big for my ear, I use the size small with Vibes and it’s perfect! 
Vibes are my new favorite little accessory to carry around. I now not only wear them at work, but when I go out to loud restaurants, concerts, and even when I travel. They’re the best!”
— Alie D.