Better with Vibes: Claire S.

Better with Vibes: Claire
We're often told that Vibes change the game for people. Whether they're being used for live music, fitness classes, work or just to make the day-to-day more comfortable, our hi-fidelity earplugs serve folks of all walks of life, wherever their day takes them. Improving lives is pretty powerful, which is why we decided to start sharing these stories with you. Together, let's learn about how life is #BetterWithVibes.

Meet Claire S.
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"Last year I sustained a severe concussion that knocked me into a painful haze. Light, noise, and general stimulation were unbearable for months. It was getting difficult to remain patient while my brain tried to heal. Instead of staying holed up in my house to avoid pain from light and noise, I explored ways to cope. Sunglasses helped with light sensitivity. I thought earplugs would help with noise. 

I found that regular earplugs made it even more difficult to function- I struggled to have conversations because people’s voices were blunted and distorted through the foam. I felt self-conscious wearing neon earplugs out in public and would often find them hiding in my pocket versus where they were meant to be- in my ears. I also felt gross reusing the foam plugs when they had been spending time openly floating around my purse or pockets, getting dirty.
When I discovered Vibes I was overjoyed- not only do they preserve sound quality, I can wear them in public without feeling self-conscious. They are made of clear materials and are very covert.  A bonus is that the Vibes come with a sleek black case so they don’t get dirty or broken when I need to store them. They fit very comfortably in my ears every single time versus needing to fiddle around with foam plugs to only sometimes get the right fit. 

As my brain is recovering from the injury, my sensitivity to light and noise is going away. I still use Vibes frequently at concerts and even when I go to Costco, sporting events, or other loud places. They are a lifesaver!”

- Claire S.