Better with Vibes: Marshall C.

Better with Vibes: Marshall C.
We're often told that Vibes change the game for people. Whether they're being used for live music, fitness classes, work or just to make the day-to-day more comfortable, our hi-fidelity earplugs serve folks of all walks of life, wherever their day takes them. Improving lives is pretty powerful, which is why we decided to start sharing these stories with you. Together, let's learn about how life is #BetterWithVibes.

Meet Marshall C.
"I moved to Colorado in the fall of 2013, and since then have been very active not just in the Colorado scene, but touring nationally as well. On any given week I could be playing anywhere between 2 to 6 shows, and most of those can get LOUD. Hearing damage is irreversible, so for the frequently gigging musician, good ear protection is the most important piece of gear you could own. 

My mom bought me a pair of Vibes for Christmas in 2017 and I haven't been able to go without them since. Custom molded earplugs are well outside of my price range, and foam earplugs just make everything sound like mud. Foam earplugs just weren't designed for your working musician. With Vibes, the level of clarity you get for the price is maybe the most attractive feature. These things sound incredible, and they're comfortable enough to wear through a three hour rehearsal. I've found that Vibes are the only earplugs within the price range that I trust no matter the gig.

I often fill in for other bassists, and since it's my first time playing with the band it's very important that I can hear everything that is being played clearly. Vibes do the trick every time. They soften up the piercing highs from the drummer's cymbals and certain guitar sounds while still keeping the presence and clarity I need to know exactly what is being played. During rehearsals, I can leave them in and still be able to have a conversation with bandmates about the song. 

After trying countless other earplugs in a similar price range, Vibes outshine them all."

- Marshall C.