Better with Vibes: Noah S.

Better with Vibes: Noah S.
We're often told that Vibes change the game for people. Whether they're being used for live music, fitness classes, work or just to make the day-to-day more comfortable, our hi-fidelity earplugs serve folks of all walks of life, wherever their day takes them. Improving lives is pretty powerful, which is why we decided to start sharing these stories with you. Together, let's learn about how life is #BetterWithVibes.
Meet concert photographer, Noah.
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After shooting my first few concerts, I immediately noticed how hard it is to focus on my photography with the loud noise of the speakers being so close to me. I also noticed how hard it was to be comfortable in every day life and sleep after shooting concerts because my ears would ring for weeks after. I did a web search for “concert earplugs” and saw the amazing reviews for Vibes. After trying them, I found out why all those reviews are true. I now wear Vibes to every show I go to - even if i’m not shooting it. The reduced volume makes the music sound even more clear. At first, I was nervous about wearing earplugs because it didn't seem like other photographers were wearing them. But Vibes are almost impossible to notice. Now almost every photographer I shoot shows with has a pair of Vibes. I treat Vibes as such a staple piece of gear - it’d be as much of a loss forgetting to bring my favourite lens to a show as it would be to forget my Vibes.
- Noah S.

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