"B.T." by THE DIP

While the year 2016 can be characterized in a myriad of ways, many of which are dark and undesirable, 2016 was the year of horns, in my book. Although they’d already been killing it for years, artists like Griz and Big Gigantic took the nation by storm with their energizing horn sound and entered the fray of popular music (see Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines featuring a Griz song in a TV ad), more traditionally mainstream pop music saw an increasing number of trumpet and saxophone riffs compared to years past, and, finally, The Dip. While the vast majority of the world has never heard of this Seattle seven-piece (yes, seven), you now are part of the in-crowd that is aware of the rhythm and blues juggernaut that is The Dip. Off of their 2016 EP Won’t Be Coming Back, “B.T.” is a joyous mix of ‘60s soul and modern surf rock that inspires nothing but optimism and confidence.
Starting off with a loose rock pattern on the drum kit, and Reel Big Fish-esque trumpet swells, slowly noodling guitar and bass give the track the feeling of a summer morning with no responsibilities. The “Honeynut Horns,” as they are referred to, slowly pick up steam with the help of steady bass guitar, and bring the energy up a notch. The Dip makes excellent use of the baritone saxophone, with emphatic stabs that put some swagger in your step and hair on your chest. If you ever need to be cheered up or reassured that everything’s fine (even if it isn’t), call up your new friends The Dip, and they’ll set you straight.