"Burn the Witch" by RADIOHEAD

A new direction for rock stalwarts
What makes most artists successful in creating innovative and inspiring works is their ability to see the world through a different lens. Radiohead's new single, "Burn the Witch," their first song released since a hiatus that began in 2011, illustrates lead singer Thom Yorke's alternative worldview. This brand new track may represent a shift in the direction that Radiohead is headed with their anticipated upcoming album, as the song is more of an orchestral arrangement, as opposed to the band's typical rock sound. The song still features Yorke's famous angelic crooning, but also includes electronic percussion, subtle bass guitar rhythms, as well as a raging battalion of stringed orchestral instruments. As a reflection of the message behind the song, that the world may be a darker, more menacing place than it appears to be on the surface, "Burn the Witch" begins with a cheerful tone, but gradually transitions into a suspenseful, dramatic, urgent piece, crescendoing in both volume and intensity as the song reaches its climax and abruptly ends.
The video that was released with the song (shown below) does a great job of conveying Yorke's vision, and helps make the meaning of his vague lyrics much clearer. A creative claymation achievement, the video depicts the story of a man taking a tour of a seemingly perfect little town, but as he goes deeper into the lives of its residents, he quickly learns that they are much more sinister than they appear. A symbolic visual that represents the twisted ethos of the town and Yorke's vision of modern society is their practice of growing flowers for the purpose of decorating nooses... "Burn the Witch" is an intriguing sneak peek of what Radiohead's sound has evolved into and what their upcoming ninth studio album may look like.