"Days of Lavender" by PROMISES LTD.

What lurks beneath the surface
While energy and passion are often associated with positive emotions, they can just as easily be channeled through negative emotions and pain. A subduedly effervescent mixture of underground electro-dance and modern alternative, "Days of Lavender" by Brooklyn’s upstart duo Promises Ltd., has a consistent heartbeat, implying an upbeat energy, but the melodies, accents, and vocal styles are unobtrusive and reserved, giving it an interesting feel of muted intensity. Accompanied by the dreamily overcast voice of vocalist Charlie Brand, producer Jeremy Malvin brews a concoction of hazy, spacey synths along with almost video game-style electronic melodies and spunky bass guitar riffs, backed by steady, thumping percussion. 
Brand, expertly bringing to life the feeling of regretful melancholy, sings of having loved and lost; terribly missing the former apple of his eye, even though they mistreated him and are the reason he feels so dejected. Perhaps representing the inconsistent, unpredictable emotions of the broken-hearted, the song has a markedly uneven terrain, abound with peaks of energetic enthusiasm and valleys of painful reflection. Shrouded in fog, "Days of Lavender" imparts a beautiful interpretation of the pent up passion within a person that has difficulties outwardly, explicitly, expressing themselves.