"Deeper and Deeper" by DUMBO GETS MAD

An intergalactic journey
 Much like a good novel, good music has the ability to mentally transport you to another world – somewhere not necessarily better, but different, and different in a way that is unique to the perspective of the author/writer/composer. In their album Thank you Neil, Italian psych-rock duo Dumbo Gets Mad does a superb job of taking you on an intergalactic journey to their bizarre, dreamy, space-focused world where mystery and intrigue reign supreme. The track “Deeper and Deeper” teleports you to what a dark, smoky, intimate music venue on a permanently inhabited spacecraft would sound like. The song begins with a Doppler effect-esque synth slowly, with a dark, sustained synth in the background, until a prominent bass line and a simple, crisp rock beat enter the fray. 
Low, delicate vocals, rife with space-related imagery drone on as the song progress, with sparing laser-gun-like blasts of wobbling synth sprinkled throughout as accents, giving the song a futuristic and other-worldly feel to it.As the song progresses, the bass guitar gets sneakily funky, and falsetto doo-wop vocals make a brief appearance that is guaranteed to make you close your eyes and snap your fingers. “Deeper and Deeper” reminds us of perennial off-the-wall powerhouse Vulfpeck, not afraid of abnormally slow tempos, and featuring a dominant performance from the bass guitar, alongside light, abstract vocals. Dumbo Gets Mad is a delight and a wonderful band to listen to to help get those pesky thoughts out of your head and float away to another galaxy.