"Deluca" by RUBY EMPRESS

Dreaming in color
Dreampop acts seem to have become increasingly popular and plentiful in the last year or so. Regardless of what our insatiable hunger for dreamy, otherworldly music implies about our current cultural moment, the hits keep on coming and they keep on getting better. With a solid foundation of groups like Tame Impala and Børns, brand new Swedish outfit Ruby Empress has offered their dazzling contribution to the dreampop world with their debut single “Deluca.” If there is any justice in the world, lead singer Tom Serner will go down in history as having one of the purest falsetto voices to have ever graced our collective ears. A true master of his craft. However, thanks to the talent of his three bandmates, Serner is no Atlas. Ruby Empress does not rely on the striking abilities of their vocalist to keep listeners rapt. Hazy, rippling synth patterns, subtly soulful and funky electric guitar strokes, satisfyingly thick basslines, and consistent, crisp percussion provide a comfortable environment for Serner’s voice that allows it to flourish. 
As soon as “Deluca” begins, it is dripping with feelings of euphoria, serenity, and peacefulness. The sonic rendering of the feeling of floating on your back in the ocean, your body slowly rising and falling as soon-to-be waves pass under you, the sun beating down on your chest. However, as the song progresses, the focus is no longer on you, but on the waves. Ruby Empress suspends the song with a brief moment of near silence, as the waves are cresting, and ends with an energetic assault of synths, bass, and heavy percussion, as the waves crash down onto themselves, spraying foam and mist every which way. This band is batting 1.000 so far, their first song, “Deluca” has been played hundreds of thousands of times, and already landed them a record deal. Get your hopes up, for there’s surely more hits to come.