"Freedom Is Free" by CHICANO BATMAN

Contrary to popular opinion...
“Freedom isn’t free.” You’ve surely heard this phrase countless times, often in the form of an expression of gratitude to members of the military, or perhaps, as a lament regarding paying taxes and bowing to the will of the government. The members of Los Angeles-based soul/funk outfit Chicano Batman take this idea and turn it on its head with their 2017 track “Freedom Is Free.” Based around the idea of being grateful for being alive and focusing on the positive aspects of life, this track is a shining celebration, an outpouring of love, and a firm stance against cynicism. Lead singer Bardo Martinez croons lines like “While I’m here on Earth / I’ll rejoice in its worth” and “You got your guns up on display / But you can’t control how I feel, no way,” showing us that while there’s a lot of negativity in the world, we each have the freedom to decide what to think about and focus on.
While it’s easier said than done to make the conscious decision to think positively, Martinez makes it seem effortless; his conviction to exist as a part of the earth itself, rather than a member of human society, is inspiring to say the least. Like in any good funk track, the bass guitar is featured heavily in “Freedom Is Free,” providing a constant, driving energy behind noodling guitar riffs and dreamy background vocals. With “Freedom Is Free,” Chicano Batman creates a life force that beams positivity, hope, and defiance.