"From Nowhere" by DAN CROLL

Dan Croll's fame came "From Nowhere" (pun definitely intended)
Dan Croll is the embodiment of the internal struggle of the successful counterculture/hipster/indie artist: wanting to create unique, personal material that strays from what is popular and has mass appeal, and the uneasy feeling that comes when their work becomes what is popular and has mass appeal. The pride of Newcastle-under-Lyme released his debut single “From Nowhere” in late 2012, which almost instantly propelled him to stardom; touring with the likes of Bastille and Imagine Dragons and having his music featured in two major video game soundtracks within a year. Starting with a stripped-down island feel, “From Nowhere” exposes listeners to Croll’s signature folktronica style, featuring satisfyingly simple keyboard rhythms accompanied by video game-esque percussion.
Occasionally injecting crescendos of deep, heavily distorted guitar, the song consistently utilizes both electronic percussion and a traditional live drum kit, while maintaining its steady, oh-so-catchy keyboard rhythm, and every so often adding a soft, echoing electric guitar strum, giving the song it’s dream-like quality. Croll’s voice is genuine, yet purposeful and articulate, which is perhaps a reflection of his highly successful stint at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Dan Croll is able to craft a song that can only be described as engaging easy listening: simple music with simple lyrics that somehow has you hanging on every beat and every word. It’s almost as if you can’t wait to hear what’s next, even though you already know what’s going to happen. Look out for the release of Dan Croll’s second studio album in the coming months, and check out his new single “One of Us”!