"Gap in the Clouds" by YELLOW DAYS

Wise beyond his years
Hopelessness is a feeling that, in the moment, often seems like it will never end. True hopelessness does not feel like a temporary emotion, but an enduring, embedded characteristic of your psyche. For the lucky ones, when their bout of hopelessness ends, life seems to glow even brighter than it did before their dark days. Colors are more vibrant, food tastes better, smiles are more radiant, you have a bounce in your step you did not before. Up and coming British artist George van den Broek, known as Yellow Days, beautifully captures the emotional rebirth that one experiences when pulled out of the depths of prolonged despair with “Gap in the Clouds,” off of his debut EP Harmless Melodies, which will be released on November 18. Writing, singing, and producing the track, Yellow Days sounds like he’s been at this for more years than he’s been alive. With an urgent, incredibly full-bodied, slightly raspy voice that could be likened to that of Kings of Leon’s Caleb Folowill, Yellow Days deftly carries the passionately grateful sense of relief that comes when climbing out of a dark pit of emotional desolation. 
Although he will likely be more renowned for his vocals, Yellow Days’ instrumental prowess should not be overlooked. Calm keyboard and synth pulses create a sunny vibe, backed by jazz-percussion and bass guitar patterns that, combined with his emotive crooning, create a feeling of careful happiness, fully present, but forever mindful of the possibility of the return of hopelessness, lurking in shadows. Having already demonstrated the mature quality of his craftsmanship with the release of his first few songs, we are on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Yellow Days has in store for us in the future.