"Hello Stranger" by ABHI THE NOMAD (ft. KING SADBOY)

 A multi-trick pony
They say people are a product of their environment. So, what happens when your environment changes drastically throughout your upbringing? Hailing from India, and having moved from country to country before finally landing in the in the L.A. area, the aptly named Abhi the Nomad’s musical style is a product of the varied and diverse environments he’s found himself in, resulting in something totally different – a musical melting pot, if you will. His track “Hello Stranger” displays the indie hip-hop feel that he has cultivated throughout his career, leaning slightly more towards indie than some of his more rap-heavy tracks. The combination of clean, swaying electric guitar strums and light hip-hop percussion create an energetic tone to the song that is more lighthearted than most hip-hop, and more upbeat than most indie rock.
Abhi’s low, rap-influenced matte vocals are accented by featured vocalist King Sadboy’s more classic indie voice: sturdy still, but more delicate, and providing melodic support to the instrumentals. What makes “Hello Stranger” so captivating is how different it is some from some of his other material, like “Fireflies,” which is a bona fide rap banger. “Hello Stranger” shows Abhi the Nomad’s versatility and his status as a musician in the truest sense of the word, not just an artist of a certain genre.