A new pack of cats
“We’re a new pack of cats and we like it like that.” I am convinced that this quote from Liverpool upstart band Trudy and the Romance will be famous one day, perhaps emblazoned on a placard in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s definitely too early in this trio’s story to proclaim such outlandish predictions, but after hearing their latest single “He Sings,” one’s mind begins to jump to these conclusions. The best rock bands are those that don’t sound like other rock bands (insightful, I know) and Trudy and the Romance does not sound like anything from this decade, or any decade for that matter. This band not only has the self-focused, creative, carefree, goofy attitude of rock stars, but they have the musical chops to back it up. “He Sings” features more than a few different musical styles including doo-wop, heavy garage rock, and subdued 50’s rock, all bundled into a not-so-neat package that the band has dubbed “Mutant 50’s Pop.” Again, it’s a good sign for a band’s future success when they have the gall to invent and name their own genre.
In addition to showcasing the band’s propensity for romantically focused lyrics and their overall “hopeless romantic” vibe, this single also highlights Trudy and the Romance’s more-complex-than-average compositions. “He Sings” is a metaphorical roller coaster when it comes to tempo; climbing the hill slowly, accelerating rapidly as it plunges down a vertical drop, twisting and turning, going in loops, before slowing again to a halt. These three chums aren’t just rock stars, but skilled, thoughtful musicians. A refreshing take on rock and roll, “He Sings” evokes nostalgia and novelty in one fell swoop. “Ladies and gentlemen, hot off the block it’s the kids that pop your cotton socks off, Trudy and the Romance baby.” Another not yet famous quote by this highly intriguing trio…