The new faces of hip-hop/R&B
Surprise! The highly anticipated album, Yes Lawd!, by hip-hop/R&B’s rising stars Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge, now known together as NxWorries, has been released a week earlier than planned! .Paak and Knxwledge, who rose to fame by being heavily featured in Dr. Dre’s comeback album and producing tracks for likes of Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar, respectively, are on the cusp of becoming some of the most sought after musicians in the genre. “Khadijah,” although one of the shorter tracks on Yes Lawd!, showcases each of the artists’ individual styles, while setting a precedent for the sound they bring to the table as a unit. The song features subdued instrumentals: simple kick drum, hi-hat, and ride cymbal percussion, a subtly funky bassline, and echoing injections of vibraphone, a true reflection of Knxwledge’s affinity for jazz-inspired hip hop beats that has been present throughout his producing career.
The lyrical content in “Khadijah” is classic .Paak, detailing his constant efforts to overcome struggles in life and live a peaceful, positive life despite all the problems he faces. His listing of his everyday, relatable problems is reminiscent of the tone of A Tribe Called Quest, but his intelligent and empowering decision to choose to not let his problems get him down by taking control of his attitude towards life reminds us of modern Kendrick Lamar. “Khadijah” is an instant classic, blurring the line between R&B and hip-hop, and creating a tranquil and substantive style that is unique to music's newest dynamic duo, NxWorries.