"Know What I Want" by KALI UCHIS

The face of a new movement
In the spirit of this song's tone, we'll skip the standard introduction tie-in that relates the song to a common issue or truism about life. "Know What I Want" by Kali Uchis is a reggae/pop/R&B fusion stroke of genius that will expand your understanding of the limits of musical style. The young Colombian expat (now residing in the good ol' U.S. of A.), who released this track at the age of 21, has established herself as a pioneer in the new wave of reggae-inspired pop music acts with powerful frontwomen, along with artists like Kimié, Eli Mac, and Hirie. Kali Uchis lyrically expresses her independent, self reliant, and straight-to-the-point nature, making her distaste for the current man in her life known, but does not dwell on her problems, and charges ahead, having learned from her bad experiences. 

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While she incorporates a stripped down version of classic reggae elements in this track, Kali Uchis brandishes her R&B skills from her multi-genre arsenal of musical styles, showcasing her silky smooth voice that can be described as a mix of Macy Gray and Amy Winehouse. Bunx, the producer for "Know What I Want," does an excellent job of balancing reggae bass, percussion, and keyboard with lo-fi pop beats, adding a layer of complexity and allowing the track to stray slightly from its reggae roots and enter original, uncharted territory. Having already collaborated with artists like Snoop Dogg, Tyler, the Creator, and Diplo, this 22 year old phenom is on her way to the top, and will hopefully bring her unique brand of reggae/pop/R&B fusion to the masses, exposing the populous to the fact that pop music doesn't have to be overly energetic and emotional.