"La Prima Estate" by ERLEND ØYE

Summer in Italy
Much like math, although much more fun and interesting, music is a language that can be understood by anyone around the world, regardless of their native tongue. While Norwegian singer/songwriter Erlend Øye’s song “La Prima Estate” is sung in Italian, he is still able to get his message across, even if the only Italian word you know is “pizza.” “La Prima Estate” (The First Summer), is a sparkling four minutes of cheerful modern Italo Pop, featuring a pleasant variety instruments we are not used to hearing in pop music that make the song much calmer than the average pop song. With a foundation of simple percussion, bass guitar, and legato acoustic guitar strums, the song is accented by trickles and twitters of peppy flute, hip-shaking bumps of horns, and interjections of high pitched synths, creating an absolutely delightful and sunny tone that is reflected in the music video, seen below. 
In his mid-range, silky voice that sounds like he was born and raised in Venice, instead of Bergen, Øye sings of an occasion not often discussed in pop music, or any music, for that matter: celebrating a graduation. Øye praises his female companion for her accomplishment and urges her to look forward to the rest of her life, perhaps without him, but reminds her that she has the full support of him and her family. A tale of love and independence, “La Prima Estate” is a refreshingly lighthearted affair, bleeding with positivity and other-directedness.