New age old school hip-hop
Jeffrey Haynes, known to the world as Mr. Lif, has a vision and attitude that has been changing the face of rap ever since he set foot on the stage. With the release of his new song "Let Go," the Boston born and bred phenom has brought back old school hip-hop with unmatched style and precision. Picking up where groups like A Tribe Called Quest left off, "Let Go" utilizes the pleasantly simple formula that put East Coast hip-hop on the map in the early '90s: nothing but unrelenting rhymes layered over jazz-inspired loops. Where Mr. Lif diverges from this archetype is his lyrical content. While, like any true MC, he boasts about his rhyming skills, he only does it briefly. The meat of "Let Go" revolves around existential questions and living life peacefully, fitting right in with the psychedelic vision that is present in much of Mr. Lif's music.
Sticking to what he does best, Mr. Lif focuses on producing unforgettable verses and lets Selina Carrera, contestant on The Voice, handle the hook. With a sensuous flair, Carrera's vocals, akin to an American version of the late, great Amy Winehouse, adds the R&B/soul element that was present in much of old school hip-hop. Mr. Lif's lyrics demonstrate not only his transcendent knowledge of life, human nature, and the fragility of human society, but also his lighthearted demeanor and cheerful attitude towards existence. "Let Go" is a true rap anthem that screams intelligence, righteousness, and a true understanding of the human experience.