"Like It Doesn't Hurt" by CHARLOTTE CARDIN ft. HUSSER

An emotional affair
A toxic and hostile relationship can make you feel empty with nothing but your own voice echoing in your head. Canadian songstress Charlotte Cardin captures this feeling in her recently released track "Like It Doesn't Hurt," with help from fellow Canadian rapper Husser. Cardin, runner up on the first season of Canada's La Voix (The Voice), has a captivatingly smooth voice that conveys emotions so effectively that you feel like you are seeing the world through her eyes for a few brief minutes. Cardin is one of the select few singers that can carry a song almost entirely with her voice alone; this tracks takes a minimalist approach instrument-wise, using only subtle swells of synth and very basic percussion to provide structure behind the vocals.
"Like It Doesn't Hurt" begins very slowly, much like a typical Adele song, but is followed by what can be described as a scaled down, calm version of a drop that one would expect in an EDM song, resulting in Cardin's voice and passion building, leading into Husser's verse. Although his verse is relatively calm compared to most rap, it has significantly more energy than Cardin's voice, providing stark contrast in speed, lyrical content, and timbre. Husser's flow is atypical, similar to that of Chance the Rapper's, and provides a refreshing perspective on the art of rapping. While "Like It Doesn't Hurt" is a relatively simple pop/R&B song with basic lyrics, it holds your attention with the raw emotions that both artists are able to invoke, making you feel in love with and betrayed by someone that doesn't exist.