"Marcel" by HER'S

Britain is an island too
When you describe a song having an “island” feel to it, one generally thinks of islands like Hawaii or the Bahamas. With the release of Liverpool duo Her’s’ latest track, there’s no reason that music with an “island” feel to it can’t be associated with Ol’ Blighty herself. A delicious blend of island surf rock and lazy British indie rock, “Marcel” is one of the most laid back tracks to have floated to the surface in a good long while. Tides of Hawaiian-inspired swells of dreamy guitar ebb and flow throughout the song, washing away your troubles and replacing them with the troubles of vocalist Stephen Fitzpatrick, who is deeply conflicted about whether or not he is, or should be, in love with his new flame. Fitzpatrick has a quintessential British indie rock voice, slurring his words to the point of near-unintelligibilty, crooning slow, low, and steady, and letting his accent peek out from behind the curtain on occasion, while also showing off a hazy falsetto.
With “Marcel,” Her’s showcases their easy going, but not quite free form style, backing the slacker-style guitar strums with consistent jazz-influenced percussion, complete with appearances from a shaker, something not utilized nearly enough these days. Although the song details a romantic conflict, the tone is not negative, perhaps a look on the bright side, reminding us if you’re having romantic conflicts, hey, at least you’ve got someone romantically involved with you. Count your blessings and let the waves of good vibes flow over you.