The next generation of dance music
In these trying times we find ourselves in, music is one of the few remaining things we can all take comfort and indulge in to help us stay sane. Dance-friendly music has long been a panacea for crises of the soul, allowing us to forget ourselves and get lost in the rhythms, focused on groovin’ and nothing but groovin’. In the modern age, the majority of dance-friendly music is Top-40 and/or EDM-centric, but there are a few cats from Minneapolis that are doing everything in their power to bring compositional ingenuity, musicality, and overwhelming positivity back to a dance floor near you. McNasty Brass Band, who accompanied Vibes’ founder to the filming of our Shark Tank episode (which airs tonight, 1/27, at 9/8c on ABC!), have just released their debut studio album, King Size Life, featuring the self-inspired, fun-filled track “McNasty Boys.” 

Press Play For Video 

As the first track on the album, the band comes out swinging with high energy gang vocals and an up-tempo flurry of percussion, featuring heavy doses of everyone’s favorite accessory: cowbell. Call-and-response-style stabs from trumpets, trombones, and saxophones make it perfectly clear that these guys are here to have fun and get the crowd moving. There is a definite air of triumph in the music; it sounds like something played during a cinematic montage of overcoming odds and rising to victory. As the song progresses, there are a series of incredibly intricate solos, all the while supported by Carpal tunnel Syndrome-inducing percussion and meaty sousaphone riffs. If you’re looking to really, and I mean really, get down, thrown on “McNasty Boys” from these brass band gurus when you get handed the aux cord and make it a night to remember.