"Pleasure Moon" by MARCUS MARR

An adventure through space
Inspiration is a mysterious thing. Sort of like the concept of life, we are able to understand to the different factors that contributed to its inception, but what actually brought the first organism to life can only be speculated. According to Marcus Marr, producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist from London, the inspiration for his spacey, retro, low key house track “Pleasure Moon” came to him while hungover, walking to the store to buy milk for his coffee. Go figure. Starting off with a background of upbeat house percussion and scattered extraterrestrial samples, Marcus Marr inserts a funky distorted bassline and passionate timbale whacks as the song progresses. Drawn out, suspenseful synths set the urgent tone for this track as vocalist Helena Hertfordshire belts out enrapturing non-verbal melodies. 
Slightly dissonant, echoing waves of synth are added as the bassline speeds up as the song gets closer to the end of its nearly eight minute duration. The last minute or so of “Pleasure Moon” is highly intriguing because it strays from the feel of the rest of the track. Marcus Marr deftly adds tambourine, slowly fading the track into rock feel. Sublime undistorted electric guitar riffs take over the last thirty seconds of “Pleasure Moon” and ends it on a blissful, carefree note. Although it was released three years ago, epochs ago by music industry standards, “Pleasure Moon” is a as relevant as ever to the dance music genre.