"Recently Played" by CRUMB

Special circumstances
I don't usually like to post multiple songs from the same artist on our blog, but there are certain times where I just can't help myself. Some music is just too good to not be shared, especially when the music is widely unknown; I feel it is my duty. With the recent release of their EP, Locket, underground Boston-formed foursome, Crumb, who's song "So Tired" has been featured on our blog, has somehow raised the impossibly high bar they set for themselves with their debut eponymous EP, which landed on our "Top 10 Albums of 2016." "Recently Played," the second track on Locket, is an exemplar of how Crumb's sound has developed since they burst onto the scene last year; the band has taken a noticeable, and welcome, turn towards psychedelia and jazz.
Much of "Recently Played" is written in a gently bouncing, dreamy, 6/8 time signature, where shifting tides of guitar, warbling synths, and a heavy dose of hi-hat and ride cymbals create a velvety bed upon which frontwoman Lila Ramani's ever-calm, cocoa butter voice can rest comfortably on, floating over the notes with ease. As in basically all Crumb songs, bassist Jesse Brotter is heavily featured, bringing structure and power into an otherwise free-flowing, light-as-a-feather song, which has the feeling of a distant memory, a slow recollection of a long-ago passions lost in the void, barely out of reach. I could ramble on an on about "Recently Played," but no words will ever truly do this song justice. Just listen, and breathe in the haze that captivates the hearts of the few who have been lucky enough to hear it.