"Ride Like the Wind" by CHRISTOPHER CROSS (JOEY NEGRO Remix)

A historic remix
If one chooses to, they can think of a remix like a cover that uses the original vocals, but alters the instrumentals. Disco maven Joey Negro’s remix of Christopher Cross’ epic 80’s hit “Ride Like the Wind” is one of these remixes that appears to be more of an instrumental cover. Joey Negro keeps Christopher Cross’ and background vocalist Michael McDonald’s iconic voices just as they sound in the original, a nod to the two legends. He also maintains the original song’s upbeat keyboard patterns and Latin drum slaps, but features the drums in a much more prominent role than the original did, in the foreground rather than the background. Replacing synths with a symphony of strings and bass, Joey Negro strays away from the rock and roll feel of the original and goes for a more energetic, orchestral arrangement. The most noticeable different between the original and the remix is in fact not very apparent at first, but when listening to the two tracks side by side, one after the other, the percussion is what makes all the difference. 
The original features heroic 80’s drum kit percussion, fast-paced, and complete with double bass kicks and tom fills, while the remix features classic, simple house/disco percussion: thumping bass on-beats and thick snare off-beats. The percussion in the original keeps time and provides some musical flair, while Joey Negro’s percussion is heartbeat of the song and drives it forward. Remixes of older songs like “Ride Like the Wind” are always a pleasant find because they remind us to appreciate the talent of musicians from generations past and give us the opportunity to reflect on how music has changed over the years. These changes to not have to be classified as good or bad, simply different, and remixes like this one help reinforce that idea; this remix is not better or worse than the original, but a just a different interpretation of the same idea.