"Sum-Mo" by DEM ATLAS

A whole different category
Rap music is one of the most straight forward, blunt forms of self-expression that exists in the world of art. Minneapolis/St. Paul-based rapper Dem Atlas has developed a sound that is uniquely his, unparalleled in the rap game, that results in some of the most raw manifestations of self-expression in the music industry. With his recently released song “Sum-Mo,” off of his new project mF deM, a collection of original lyrics layered over previously released beats by Rhymesayers label-mate MF DOOM, Dem Atlas showcases his fascinatingly erratic flow, his talent for writing dark, yet hopeful lyrics, and his one-of-a-kind vocal style that combines elements of rapping, singing, and occasionally, yelling. Backed by MF DOOM’s mixture of simple bass lines, crisp drum kit percussion, and campy piano rhythms, “Sum-Mo” is a rambling narrative that discusses loneliness, drug use, and self-awareness.
After listing many of his problems, Dem comes to the realization that he is in control of his own mind and that he can take control of his own life and prove everyone who’s ever doubted him, including himself, wrong. Packed into a track that barely breaks the two minute mark, “Sum-Mo” is all over the map in terms of emotion, ranging from feelings of dejection and desperation to feelings of self-empowerment and confidence. Unlike any other rapper on the planet, Dem Atlas’ unique perspective and talent will undoubtedly propel him to success. We’ll just have to see if it fits his definition of success…