Going beyond just pushing "play"
They say life is about the little things. A colorful sunset on the beach, a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day, the loving eyes of a puppy, or perhaps, hearing a song for the first time that you swear is the best one you've ever heard. For many of you out there, "The Little Things" by Big Gigantic (featuring Angela McCluskey), may very well be one of those special songs. Along with their compadres Griz and Gramatik, Big Gigantic is on the cutting edge of a refreshing new wave of musicians that combine EDM and jazz to create an energetic sound that adds elements of musicality, melodic complexity, and improvisation to the tried and true, good old fashioned banger.
"The Little Things" starts off by exposing listeners to the powerfully soulful vocal chords of up-and-coming diva Angela McCluskey layered over intermittent stabs of heavy bass. The song slowly revs its engine, building momentum more gradually than most EDM songs, but eventually whacks you in the mouth with an unforgettable, twisting drop that features Big Gigantic's signature intricate flurries of saxophone. Big Gigantic sets themselves apart from the increasingly formulaic nature of EDM by adding live horns and drums to their electronic compositions and have created a sound that allows them to be just as high-energy as other EDM artists, but without having to rely on dissonant blasts of sound that resemble nails being put in a blender on the "puree" setting. "The Little Things" represents the beginning of a shift in electronic music towards musicianship, rather than just composition skills, and we can't wait to see what Big Gigantic has in store for us next.