"Uninvited" by MALLRAT

The new in-crowd
A wise man once said, “The times, they are a-changin’.” In the times we now live in, being cool is no longer cool. What’s cool is not being like the people who are supposedly cool. It’s a mouthful, I know. Australia’s rising superstar, seventeen-year-old Grace Shaw, known as Mallrat, is showing everyone just what it means to be cool in this day and age. Her new track “Uninvited,” off her EP of the same name, is a bare-bones, gently in-your-face work of art about despising the “in crowd” and distancing oneself from the ruse that is “being cool.” With a diverse array of musical influences from electro-pop to deep house to R&B to rap, Mallrat’s sound in “Uninvited” is perhaps best characterized by her own original description of her style: “bubble rap.” Much of the song features nothing but subtle keyboard bumps, simple house percussion, and echoing, chirping synths, allowing Mallrat’s unwavering voice to stand out and shine.
Her vocal talent is undeniable, switching between subdued quasi-rapping, melodic bridge verses, and EDM-style staccato, almost spoken-word vocals. The self-proclaimed “Hannah Montana of the rap game” shows palpable and admirable confidence in her musical abilities and persona; she has accomplished the rare feat of creating a captivating brand of angsty-teen music that is neither annoying, pretentious, nor overly emotional. Being so young will neither hinder nor help Mallrat’s success, for her talent and ambition have nothing to do with her age, and her sound is genuine and complete. Look forward to seeing Mallrat top the charts in the near future. Unless that would be make her one of the cool kids…