"Back Pocket" by VULFPECK

"Back Pocket" will have you jumping on the Vulfpeck bandwagon

They’ve been called the Robin Hood of the streaming music industry. Vulfpeck, (in)famous for scamming Spotify in order to raise funds for a tour where the cost of admission was exactly zero dollars, has cemented itself in the annals of music lore not only due to their creatively subtle middle finger to the man, but chiefly owing to the band’s righteous funk energy. Their first studio album Thrill of the Arts slid onto shelves in 2015 following a string of annually released EPs beginning in 2011. [continued] 
“Back Pocket,” one of the most striking tracks from the October album, tells the all too relatable story of stumbling one’s way through apprehensive young love. Theo Katzman firmly establishes his falsetto voice as one of the best in the game, with help from featured vocalist Christine Hucal, as the pair lilts their way through this sneakily funky song. Although accompanied by a flurry of cowbells and bongo and/or conga drums (does anyone really know the difference?), “Back Pocket” sticks to the basics, showcasing Vulfpeck’s minimalist approach to funk and talent for combining several simple rhythms into a cohesive and mesmerizing tapestry of “less is more.” Ending with a surprisingly impressive and fluttering clarinet solo that will make you wish you hadn’t dropped concert band in 7th grade, “Back Pocket” oozes funk from every pore and reminds us of a time when things weren’t so complicated. Scope out more of Vulfpeck’s material on YouTube and we promise you’ll get hooked!