"Xanax" by ELOHIM (MOON BOOTS Remix)

Taking it back to the good old days
Time travel is considered by most people to be impossible. There are certain individuals out there who, despite popular opinion, are confident in their abilities to travel back in time. Moon Boots, a mysterious DJ that claims to live in "an unnamed U.S. location," is one of these rare individuals. With his remix of Elohim’s “Xanax,” Moon Boots took the dreamlike future track with hip hop beats back to the 70’s by giving it a more energetic, retro, disco feel to it. Extended metaphors aside, this remix completely transforms the tone of the original track from feelings of melancholy, lethargy, and dejection to sensations of alertness in conjunction with placidity and positivity. While the tone is wholly modified, Elohim’s hazily enrapturing voice is left undisturbed, care of Moon Boots, which allows the remix to retain the overall calm, stoic vibe that Elohim gives off in waves. 
The addition of a heaping stack of up-tempo keyboard and synth layers over Elohim’s voice, which, by the way, seems to be gently drawn out of her rather than forcefully emitted by her, along with the replacement of Elohim’s modern hip hop beats with simple, dance-inducing disco beats and tambourine takes the ever-present dreariness that characterized the original and throws it out the window. If one were to speculate on any sort of symbolism related to this remix, one could reasonably judge that by giving the song a tone that was popular in decades past and synonymous with good times and energy to replace very modern sounding instrumentals that bleed misery, Moon Boots could be musically illustrating the concept of “back in the good old days when things weren’t so complicated.” Regardless of any potential deeper meanings, this remix is a good old fashioned head-bobber. Try and listen to this without bobbing your head once, I dare you.