Vibes for Entertainment Events


Stay in the game

Large crowds, gigantic speakers, blaring music and announcers – all parts of a recipe for a good time. However, sometimes the sound at social/live/entertainment events can be so loud that it makes these events overwhelming and uncomfortable.

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs allow you to avoid being exposed to sound that is uncomfortably loud (and harmful to your hearing health), while still being able to hear clearly and talk with people around you. Unlike traditional foam earplugs that block and muffle sounds, Vibes lower the volume of your environment to more comfortable levels, while retaining sound clarity. No one wants to be seen wearing bright foam earplugs, so Vibes have a virtually invisible, clear design that allow you to remain discreet.

Vibes are great for:

  • Sporting events
  • Auto racing
  • Nightclubs/bars
  • Parties
  • Movie theaters
  • Wedding receptions

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What Vibes owners say

We used them at a World of Outlaws Sprint Car race and they reduced the volume. We could still hear clearly, but it lowered the decibels of the motor.
I love going to movies, but many of the showings are just too loud, especially IMAX. Vibes bring the volume of the movie down to safe and enjoyable levels.
Great for loud wedding receptions! No one could tell I was wearing them!
Vibes worked great at a basketball game to reduce the crowd noise but still allowed me to hear the announcers and talk to people around me.
We recently went to a pub for dinner and a very loud, live band set up a speaker very close to our table. I inserted my Vibes and was happy to be able to cut down on the decibels.

Get your Vibes

Each pair of Vibes includes:

  • Three sizes of soft, interchangeable eartips to allow for a comfortable fit for any sized ear.
  • Pocket sized carrying case.
  • Donation to Hear the World Foundation, which provides hearing healthcare and hearing aids to children in need around the world.

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