Vibes for Live Music


Is your hearing at risk?

Seeing your favorite musicians perform live is a one-of-a-kind experience. Part of what makes concerts so powerful and energizing is how loud the music is, but often times, the music can be too loud. Any time you feel your ears ring, it’s a sign of irreversible hearing damage. The average concert produces 98-110 decibels, and music at these decibel levels can result in hearing loss in less than 30 minutes.

While foam earplugs have been the standard hearing protection option at concerts for decades, they are not designed for music; they are designed for construction sites, snoring spouses, gun ranges – situations where you want to completely block out the sound in your environment. Not to mention, having big, bright pieces of foam sticking out of your head can be embarrassing and unsightly.

Whether you're a musician playing on stage, or someone in the crowd, Vibes will allow you to protect your hearing health and stay comfortable, while still being able to hear every note with clarity.

Why use Vibes?

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are reusable, virtually invisible and specifically designed for live music. Instead of blocking & muffling music like foam earplugs, Vibes filter acoustics without sacrificing sound clarity, lowering the volume of the music to safer and more comfortable levels.

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What Vibes owners say

I could hear the music so clearly, talked to others during the show & was glad to know I was protecting my ears. Wound up buying 4 more pairs as gifts for friends while I was there. They are AWESOME!
These were amazing. I could hear the music perfectly and my ears weren't ringing for two days after. You don't get that muffled effect for the music like you do with other ear plugs.
The music was so loud that I would have not been able to tolerate the music without Vibes. They really helped out.
They sit comfortably in my ears and they made the music clearer without killing my ear drums. I will keep these with me for every concert I go to from now on.
I've worn them at small and large venues now and can definitely say they're a new staple of my concert going experience. Most importantly, great sound quality.

Get your Vibes

Each pair of Vibes includes:

  • Three sizes of soft, interchangeable eartips to allow for a comfortable fit for any sized ear.
  • Pocket sized carrying case.
  • Donation to Hear the World Foundation, which provides hearing healthcare and hearing aids to children in need around the world.

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