"Aburoy" by TEK.LUN

Modern afrobeat
Sometimes when I go to the movies, I think that eventually, they’re going to run out of stories to tell on the silver screen. There’s only so many variations of the semi-limited number of themes and plots out there. In the age of the Internet, where music can be so easily produced, released and discovered, I sometimes feel the same way about music, especially dance music. Originality is hard to come by these days because of the sheer volume of music out there. With his new track “Aburoy,” Baltimore-born producer TEK.LUN has proven that originality is still out there, if one digs deep enough.
Built around vocal samples from the ‘70s jam “Tire Noma Da Nigbehin” by Nigerian band MonoMono, “Aburoy” is a modern take on afrobeat music. Behind the distinctly African vocals, there are almost countless layers of percussion, both acoustic and electronic, bringing together the old and new styles. Subtle guitar and synth patterns help turn “Aburoy” into a full-fledged, groovy dance track. Coming in at under two and a half minutes, TEK.LUN keeps it short and sweet, offering a hip-shaking groove that will get you in the mood to move your feet.