"Big Sis" by SALES

SALES delivers a taste of summer to your ears
Synesthesia (n.) - a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. Listening to “Big Sis” by SALES results in a prompt realization that you may, in fact, have this condition. Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih, the dynamic duo that makes up SALES, produce a sound that elicits a bone-depth feeling of being utterly drenched in sunshine. Morgan’s tranquil, steady vocals have a vague tinge of a French accent that calmly commands your attention and allows everything else to melt away.
Straightforward rock beats manufactured by Shih paired with pleasantly undistorted guitar chords that are straight out of a Guitar for Beginners instructional manual give way to a slow, tropical solo sequence to round out the song and surely put the listener at ease. Hailing from Central Florida, SALES should be treated as an authority on the subject of sunshine, and, let me tell you, “Big Sis” is a precise manifestation of the warm rays of light, the sleepiness that comes over you when laying in the Star’s path for hours, and the feeling that everything might just end up being okay. Kick back, shut your eyelids, and let the warmth of the sounds wash over you.