"Bury Me Face Down" by GRANDSON

Rock isn't dead
In the ‘80s, heavy metal supplanted punk rock. In the ‘90s, grunge took over for heavy metal. In the ‘00s, pop punk replaced grunge. In the first half of the ‘10s, indie rock took center stage in the arena of popular rock music. In our current musical moment, rock seems to have taken a back seat to hip-hop and electronic music and fallen out of the purview of popular music. However, according to Canadian expat artist Grandson, “rock isn’t dead.” If you need any evidence to back up this seemingly outlandish claim, look no further than Grandson’s brand new track “Bury Me Face Down.” An anthemic experience, “Bury Me Face Down” embodies the true spirit of rock and roll – in your face, confident swagger backed up by energetic instrumentals that make you want to burn your suit and tie, stick your tongue out, and yell no matter who’s listening.
Beginning with “We Will Rock You”-esque, almost tribal, stadium rock percussion patterns, Grandson comes in with heavily distorted and lyrically defiant vocals supported by bluesy guitar riffs and surprisingly fitting hints of low piano chords. As the track crests and spills over into the chorus, Grandson experiments with electronic percussion and subtle background synths behind the teeth-gritting electric guitar and aggressive vocals, creating a sound unlike any other modern rock music. While the vast majority of modern rock that incorporates electronic instrumentation tends to be calmer and more cinematic, “Bury Me Face Down” uses the alternative instruments to bump up the energy. Look out for Grandson’s music accompanying athletes running out of tunnels and teenagers psyching themselves up as they stare at themselves in the mirror. Rock truly isn’t dead.