Earplugs for Fitness Classes

The feeling you have when you leave a group fitness class is, for the most part, great. Sure, you're tired, but you can feel the endorphins pumping through your brain and an earned soreness creeping into your muscles. However, many people also leave spin/cycling, Zumba, BodyPump, CrossFit, and other group fitness classes with a ringing in their ears.

The loud, uptempo music in group fitness classes is great for motivating and energizing participants, but is often turned up so loud that it's painful to the ears, and can actually cause permanent hearing damage. Any time your ears ring, it is an indicator of irreversible hearing damage.

Studies have shown that many fitness classes play music as loud as 99 decibels, which can cause permanent hearing damage in around 15 minutes!
Many gyms and studios offer disposable foam earplugs for their group fitness class participants, but there are several issues with foam earplugs that make them less than ideal for use in fitness classes.

Foam earplugs...
  • block and muffle the sound in your environment to a point where you can't hear the music or your instructor.
  • are one-size-fits-all, but not everyone has the same sized ears, making them very uncomfortable for many people.
  • are bright, bulky, and many people are embarrassed to wear them in public.


If you want to protect your hearing health and stay comfortable during your workout, Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are the earplugs for fitness classes. 

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs...
  • lower the volume of the music to a safer and more comfortable level, while still allowing you to hear the music and your instructor clearly.
  • include three sizes of soft, interchangeable eartips in each package, ensuring a comfortable fit for any sized ear.
  • have a clear design that makes them virtually invisible, allowing you to be discreet about wearing hearing protection in public.
If you're looking for earplugs for spin classes, earplugs for cycling classes, earplugs for Zumba, earplugs for BodyPump, earplugs for CrossFit, or earplugs for other fitness classes, Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs allow you to protect your ears from damage and keep them comfortable, without compromising the energizing class experience. 

The goal for attending group fitness classes is to stay healthy, and you shouldn't have to sacrifice your hearing health to get a good workout. With Vibes, wearing hearing protection in fitness classes doesn't have to ruin your experience.