"La Piscine" by HYPNOLOVE

The party of the century

There are some of us who have watched enough movies in our respective days that each time we hear a song, we instinctively imagine what sort of cinematic scene it would be featured in the background of. If you are one of these people, you need not read any further, for I am confident you will see exactly what I have seen when listening to “La Piscine” by Toulousian disco pop trio Hypnolove. For the rest of you, I want to personally welcome you to a slow motion montage of lavishly extravagant pool party in the 1970s. Bikini clad women with bouffants and men with thick mustaches and flowing hair in white shorts, unbuttoned printed muslin shirts, and aviator shades are scattered around the deck on a clear night. The seductively sultry voice of featured vocalist Flore, of L'Impératrice, winds its way through meandering bass lines, quick guitar strums, and staccato pecks of jazz flute.
A champagne cork pops up and out of sight, overflowing glasses clink and are tilted backwards. A fire breather can be seen illuminating the sky in the background. Synths cascade in from all corners, interrupted by short, funky guitar riffs while Flore’s non-verbal vocals provide melodic support. A large area of the deck has turned into a makeshift dancefloor, a ring forming around a shirtless man with a cigar in his mouth and a woman with large hoop earrings and a tube top bathing suit showcase their skills… “La Piscine” is a clear marker of Hypnolove’s uncanny ability to set a mood like no other group. Coming soon to a party near you.