A different kind of banger
People often turn their noses up at things that claim to be “fusion.” Whether it’s food, dance, or music, people often discredit these things for trying to be too many things to appeal to a wider audience or for disrespecting the integrity of the original styles. Unfortunately for the Debbie Downer’s out there, fusion band New Sound Underground have definitively proved that fusion can be original, tasteful, and righteously kick-ass. Their song “Fat And Sharp” off of their newly released album Push is a satisfying blend of jazz, funk, and rock that will make you question why this kind of music isn’t on the top of the charts. This six-piece outfit out of Minneapolis are some of the most talented musicians either side of the Mississippi, and this track showcases not only their incredible talent for playing the instruments, but also their arranging abilities and extensive understanding of multiple genres and musical styles. 
One of the more high energy tracks we have come across in a while, “Fat And Sharp,” impressively recorded live, starts with an undeniably funky call and response featuring groovy electric guitar and blasting brass, seamlessly blending sections of slightly more downtempo jazz rhythms, venturing into intricate keyboard and saxophone solos, all the while maintaining a consistent theme and energy. The end of this six-plus minute track features a breathtaking guitar solo backed by a war party of horns, percussion, and keyboards, leading the charge to victory. One of the most promising groups on the scene right now, New Sound Underground will blow you away with their musical abilities, and we look forward to them continuing to fight the good fight, getting jazz and funk back into the realm of mainstream music.

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