"No Matter Where We Go" by WHITNEY

Looking back
As the dark arms of winter are beginning to close in around many of us, it's hard not to look back at the summer with aching fondness. Chicago indie rock crew, Whitney, has graciously given us a window to the summer to peer through as we drive off into the cold, with their feel-good track "No Matter Where We Go." Whitney's sound is unmistakably modern folk-inspired indie rock, but has a surprising country twist that appears sparingly throughout the track; twangy guitar features are scattered in between the cheery, standard, gentle rhythm of bass and rhythm guitar that form the foundation of the song. Lead singer Julien Ehrlich's matte falsetto vocals, along with the simplicity and positivity of the lyrics, catchy chorus, and campy keyboard riffs reminds the listener of Vulfpeck's quirky sound.
Erhlich's passionate lyrics bring to mind the scene of a long road trip with the one you love, where worries are few and the pleasures are many. References to "making a living down the road" and his "trash heap two-seat" car, hint that perhaps maybe not everything is objectively great or stable, but with his beloved by his side, it appears that everything feels like it's going to work out. "No Matter Where We Go" is sweet and short, ending when you feel like it's just getting started, which again reminds us of the fleeting nature of summer and the good, carefree times that we can only now look back on with a smile.