"People" by MLiR

The sound of summer
With summer winding down, many of us are finding ourselves hanging on for dear life, grasping every strand of summer we can before it slips through our fingers and evaporates into fall. Here to help you hang onto summer for just a little longer is Swedish collective MLiR and their new track “People” off of their recently released EP Swedish Lo-Life. While “People” can be characterized as house music, MLiR (which stands for Modern Life is Rubbish), primarily uses analog instruments and samples, shying away from the synthesizers and electronic percussion that are common in house music. Bass guitar, Latin drums, electric guitar, hi-hat, snare, horns, cowbells, piano, and extensive vocal samples (from both humans and animals) are all built around the consistently thumping bass beat to make the song a more exotic affair than the average house tune.
“People” has the calmly upbeat feeling of cruising through the water in a boat on a sunny afternoon: it is a picture of relaxation, but there is energy in the air. You can enjoy the scenery, feel the wind in your hair, the spray on your skin, and the rush of moving at high speeds, but someone else, in this case MLiR, is driving the boat, allowing you to take it easy while still experiencing some exhilaration. A perfect in between of lying in a hammock and raging at a club, MLiR gives us the best of both worlds with “People.” Breathe it in, soak it up, and allow MLiR to make your summer to last just a few more minutes.