"Reverie" by ESBE

Mixing in more
Hip-hop producers and beat-makers are often relegated to the background of the music scene, and unfortunately don't always get a chance to flex their musical muscles or showcase the full potential of their creativity. Filipino producer, Esbe is part of a growing trend to bring the producer solo album back from the dead, with his incredibly diverse 19-track effort Bloomsday. In many of his songs, Esbe unconventionally incorporates acoustic instruments into his beats, but perhaps none more so than "Reverie."
The cheerful piece features a gently plucked acoustic guitar pattern from start to finish, accompanied by soothing male and female vocals that make you almost forget the consistent hip-hop beats that hold everything together. Esbe also incorporates breakbeats and scattered spacey synth abstractions to add even more depth to the song, which turns into a trance-inducing world of its own at its peak, before slowly stripping away each layer and fading into sleep. "Reverie" is certainly appropriately titled, as its wide array of sounds and samples invite you to get lost in a structureless symphony that bears no resemblance to standard, formulaic beats.