"Chasing Shadows" by SANTIGOLD

Santigold has arrived – she just might not know it yet 
Many things in life that people pursue are often unreachable for the simple fact that the pursuit itself is what creates the meaning and significance behind the end goal. No stranger to pursuing her goals, Santigold broaches the subject of following one's dreams and how it is sometimes hard to tell if you've "made it" in the song "Chasing Shadows," from her newly released album 99¢. The Philadelphia-born artist offers a unique brand of pop music that blends the styles of international pop icons M.I.A. and Kimbra – a distinct, refined vocal sound with an atypical accent, relatively slow, simple layered beats, devilishly catchy choruses, and lyrical content that diverges from the unsophisticated, recycled themes that characterize much of American pop music.
"Chasing Shadows" begins with the juxtaposition of slow, thumping bass and percussion underneath impossibly light, cheerful pulsing piano before Santigold begins to sing, or rap, rather. Part of what makes Santigold such an intriguing artist is her ability to rap with a unique and arrhythmic flow and then, as she does in “Chasing Shadows” suddenly begin to sing in a butter-smooth, angelic mezzo-soprano voice with an incredible pitch range that goes from glass-piercing to floor shaking. While the singer relates her uneasiness about the position her career is in, she rightfully recognizes her talent and demonstrates her bravery in the face of uncertainty when she belts out “Always knew I’d be international, no fear of flying.” The light-hearted tone of “Chasing Shadows” combined with its emotional lyrics shows the matured vision of Santigold, her understanding of the frightening and confusing nature of chasing your dreams, and her smiling acceptance of the fact that there might not a destination and that enjoying the journey is what it’s all about.