Better with Vibes: Ricardo E.

Better With Vibes: Ricardo E.
We're often told that Vibes change the game for people. Whether they're being used for live music, fitness classes, work, or just to make the day-to-day more comfortable, our hi-fidelity earplugs serve folks of all walks of life, wherever their day takes them. Improving lives is pretty powerful, which is why we decided to start sharing these stories with you. Together, let's learn about how life is #BetterWithVibes.

Meet Ricardo.
Photo Credit: Chris Vidal

Photo Credit: Chris Vidal

"As a touring/road manager and currently a touring content creator, I’ve always been worried about the health of my ears. My friend Ashely Outrageous recommended me Vibes and I haven’t stopped using them.

There’s some nights on this recent tour where I forget to put them on because I’m rushing, and I literally have to stop and go grab them. It’s almost obnoxious and borderline painful now when I don't have them in.

For me, using Vibes is comforting. I can still enjoy the tunes being played without the discomfort of the bass next to my ears blowing my ear drums.  Plus, the clear design keeps me incognito and I love the neck cords."

- Ricardo E.

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