"Beautiful Strangers" by KEVIN MORBY

Tragedy brings us together
In times of absolute hopelessness and heartache, music is one of the few things people can take comfort in. With a low, folksy vocal style that sounds like a young Leonard Cohen, Kevin Morby, the former bassist of the folk rock outfit Woods, croons about issues that have been plaguing the modern world, namely police violence and terrorism. Bleeding with compassion for those affected by various tragedies, “Beautiful Strangers” urges us to not let to perpetrators of these crimes make us live in fear. Morby sticks to his folk roots with the instrumentals, reminiscent of the instrumental style of Jack Johnson, using slow, simple acoustic guitar strums, handheld drums thwacks, and a steady, low-profile bassline. 
Morby brings a much needed attitude of positivity surrounding these deeply disturbing incidents, calling out the terrorist attack in Paris and the shooting death of Freddie Gray, and asks us all to protect our fellow humans and pray for those that are affected. “Beautiful Strangers” takes on an almost religious tone, continually referencing the afterlife, God, prayers, and love for thy fellow man, which doesn’t necessarily reflect Morby’s personal religious beliefs, but more likely the unity and spiritualism that he feels is necessary to overcome the challenges that we collectively face.