"Birds Don't Sing" by TV GIRL

A nice change of pace
If you haven't already figured it out, taking yourself too seriously is wholly detrimental to your health. Being able to laugh at yourself and the predicaments you have got yourself in is key to not being in a constant state of despair and paranoid anxiety. Much to our delight, the indie pop mavens collectively known as TV Girl have done it. With their single "Birds Don't Sing," they've broken the mold of the dramatic, "woe is me" indie breakup song. The cheerfully sunny, lo-fi track is abundantly light-hearted and pleasant even though the lyrical content surrounds the end of a relationship, which in the case of most other artists, would mean the end of days and an endless pit of sadness. Frontman Brad Petering takes a stand against letting oneself derive self worth from the love of another, and encourages his (now ex-) girlfriend to stop lingering and actually just leave if she doesn't want to be with him anymore.
Backed by playfully bouncy percussion complete with tambourine shakes, accordion-like synths, steadfast bass lines, (what sounds like) ukulele plucks, UFO-esque synth twists, and doo-wop background vocals, "Birds Don't Sing" makes you forget the song is even about a breakup. Perhaps a hint that breakups don't have to be dramatic and drawn out, TV Girl pushes us in the direction that shows they can be a relief and something to laugh at. A refreshing breath of air, "Birds Don't Sing" will put a bounce in your step and make you rethink being sad today.