"When the Curtain Falls" by GRETA VAN FLEET

A new rock and roll dynasty
Hype can be a dangerous thing to young artists. Far too often, we see emerging musicians drown in pools of attention and praise, as the lofty expectations for the release following an impressive first couple efforts snuff out the creative spark, making what is produced down the road feel dull and forced. Few new artists have received as much hype over the last year that tiny Frankenmuth, Michigan's own Greta Van Fleet. Despite what the name may imply, Greta Van Fleet is not an individual, but are a dynamic four-piece blues rock band that are taking the world by storm. Their first two EPs Black Smoke Rising and From the Fires, released in 2017, was met with nothing but adulation, and rightfully so. The group, made up of the three Kiszka brothers and drummer Danny Wagner, have a sound that harkens back to the days when rock and roll as we know it today was in full bloom: full-throttle, wailing guitar, active, leading basslines, and aggressive percussion licks, all tied together by Josh Kiszka's vintage, perfectly gravelly crooning, eerily reminiscent of Robert Plant's signature voice. Greta Van Fleet's latest single, "When the Curtain Falls," continues the momentum that the band built up with the energy that cascaded out of their two EPs, and is a true blues rock anthem. After Jake Kiszka's classic rock inspired guitar solo kicks off the track, his brother Sam's almost-funky bass guitar takes the lead from there on out, while Josh shout-sings, in a way that only he can, about how a famous actress isn't as perfect as the world seems to think she is.
When the chorus of "When the Curtain Falls" hits, it's easy to envision the band playing triumphant in a stadium filled with screaming fans, as they transport us back to a bygone era of long hair and tight pants. This contagious track revives a retro style of music that seems to have been dead for decades, and puts a modern spin on it, most noticeably in the faster tempo and more complicated drum patterns. After hearing this first single following their first two EPs, we can all rest assured that Greta Van Fleet will avoid the dreaded sophomore slump, and that they are more than capable of living up to the tidal wave of hype that their incredible works thus far have produced. Back with a vengeance, Greta Van Fleet is poised to bring old-school rock and roll back to the forefront of the music world, and we couldn't be any more excited.