"Pain Au Chocolat" by JHAS

A Diamond in the Rough
In the darkest corners of the Internet, one can occasionally find something of value amidst the vast swaths of rubbish. Swedish producer JHAS’ track “Pain Au Chocolat” is one of these glimmering gemstones that is hidden amongst the innumerable songs released by so-called “beatmakers” that receive plays rarely exceeding three digits. A truly fresh take on hip hop beats, “Pain Au Chocolat,” as the name hints at, features classic French vocals layered over calm instrumentals. This relaxed track has the feel of a ‘90s hip hop song to it: straightforward hi hat, snare, and bass percussion mixed with simple piano and horn riffs. Nothing too melodically complex, just a simple groove that helps provide structure and rhythm to a song.

JHAS takes what could be a short interlude in a hip hop track and extends it into entire song. Instead of just sampling the French vocals a couple times over his beats, he highlights them through the entirety of the track, providing listeners with the uncommon experience of hearing a song where neither the instrumentals nor vocals stand out as being the focus of the song. The French singer’s low, soulful voice blends perfectly with the serene, peaceful piano riffs and gentle waves of horns that are supported by JHAS’ purposefully simple percussion. “Pain Au Chocolat” is a perfect mood-setter for any situation that calls for relaxation, appreciation, and good vibrations.