"Premiere Fois" by LARRYKOEK

A pleasant balance
Mark Haaxman and Lars Maasland are those two kids you knew in college that were convinced they were going to be famous musicians one day and spent way more time playing music and going to shows than studying. These two Dutchmen, now known together as LarryKoek, are also those two kids you knew in college that somehow made it big and are riding the wave of success while you’re sitting at your desk reading this. After launching their musical careers in their college dorm and gaining a following by releasing remixes online, LarryKoek released their first original track “Premiere Fois,” an offering to the music gods that watch over us all. Apparently the offering was well received, as LarryKoek have since signed a record deal and saw their low key banger reach #1 on Hype Machine. “Premiere Fois” is a neatly wrapped package of house music that brings a chilled out vibe to the genre that is often overly energetic and in-your-face.

Proving that dance music doesn’t have to be up-tempo and aggressive, this track is every bit as dance-inducing as your average piece of house music, but features calm guitar rhythms as its melody and relies on pleasantly repetitive, groovy riffs to get your feet a-tappin’ and your fingers a-snappin’. “Premiere Fois” retains the traditional house-style off-beat percussion but manages to keep the energy of the song at a relatively low level, perhaps an invitation to those who are not generally on the dance floor to come out at test the waters. LarryKoek has developed a unique sound that balances energy and relaxation in harmonious symbiosis, bringing together two worlds that are often thought to be mutually exclusive.